4 Ways To Be Less Stressed During The Holidays

I tend to become REALLY stressed out while traveling and even running errands during the holiday season. With so many people out and about, lots of things to remember, and everything taking longer than usual, it's no wonder that holiday season stress can be the downfall of good times. Keep reading to see our favorite ways to cope with the added mental burdens this season.

Be a Planner
Don't save everything until the last minute! Make lists of the holiday gifts and food items you need for different dates this month, and take care of getting all of them in one shopping trip. This will save you time long-term since you won't be returning to the crowded store on numerous occasions.

Work Ahead
Wrapping gifts for your entire family, making 100 cookies for a cookie exchange, or cleaning your house before the holiday party can be daunting tasks, especially when you have so much on your plate. Make a point to chip away at large projects a bit every day.

I worry everytime I walk into the airport that I'll lose necessary information like my boarding pass or ID. To save myself this stress, especially when traveling wih kids, it's a good idea to have two acceptable forms of ID when possible. Also, have your flight information written down in multiple places. Don't rely on a mobile device that may run out of battery.

Don't Bite off More than You Can Chew
I get caught in the trap of agreeing to do too many things a lot of the time, and the result is too much stress and not enough enjoyment. Don't offer to bake 3 different desserts if you only have time for one. Don't schedule a shopping date with your sister and a cocktail party in the same evening just because you feel guilty. If you don't spread yourself too thin, there will be more of you to devote to the projects and people you care about most.


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