How To Be Happier In The New Year

How To Be Happier In The New Year

It's a new year, which means a lot of us have goals to be improved and healthier. Why not focus on becoming happier in the new year? We have what you need to get and stay happy in the new year.

Don't Set an Impossible New Year's Goal
There's nothing more demoralizing than coming up short on your resolution in the first week of the new year. Start slow, and make your goal to be improvement over time. Do you want to get in shape in 2013? Instead of telling yourself you will immediately convert to working out six days a week, start with three. You could also make your goal be completing an exercise class, or something a bit more fun.

Do More for You
Do you feel as though you constantly compromise what you want to do for your friends or family? This year, pick one or two nights a week to focus on yourself. Whether it's taking that art class you've always been looking at or relaxing in a steamy bubble bath, spoiling yourself will have positive effects on the rest of your week.

Cull Excess
Everyone has a weakness in collecting one thing or another, and whether yours manifests itself in your junk drawer, magazine rack, shoe bin, or underwear drawer, it's time to get it under control! Spend some time this January getting rid of excess items that are weighing down your life. To keep my closet relevant, I use the rule that if I haven't worn it in a couple of months, it will do someone else more good than it does for me. Give yourself viable reasons for cutting down on your stashes of stuff, and you'll see that you will eventually be content giving it away.

Don't Try to Control Everything
It's a bad idea to make a resolution for 2014 that you know you don't have absolute control over. A form of an ineffective resolution is: "I'll meet "the one" in 2014." If finding the guy is your problem, make a goal to go out more with your friends to new places, or to join a gym or class where you may end up meeting Mr. Right.

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