5 Easy Steps To Meditate

5 Easy Steps To Meditate

We've all had those days: you miss the bus, you're late for work, you forget lunch, and everything else that can go wrong seems to. We find that one of the easiest ways to unwind after "one of those days" is to meditate. It isn't hard to do, and in fact it might make you get over it quicker. The sooner you move on from a bad day, the sooner you get to a good day. Keep reading for five easy steps to meditate!

Time Yourself:
Meditating should take as long as you feel the need to. The first few times, do what feels right, and make a mental note of how long it took. From then on, use a timer to keep yourself on schedule. Even if you don't have a full hour to meditate, 20 minutes can be enough. By timing yourself, you'll know exactly when to finish and won't be worrying about the time throughout the meditation!

Remove Distractions:
Meditation is best done in a calm and relaxing environment. Not many of us may have the time to get to such an environment, so try to remove as many distractions as possible. If you're in the car, pull off to a quiet spot and turn off the radio. If the weather permits, open the windows and turn the air conditioning off. If you're at home, go to a quiet room and make sure you have it to yourself. 

A Blank Mind Is Impossible: Understand that meditating isn't all about focusing on nothing. Thoughts will creep into your mind. Instead of trying to force them out, acknowledge them and move on. Instead of thinking about nothing, focus on something peaceful like waves crashing on the beach. Our favorite is imagining yourself inhaling a white smoke filled with good energy and exhaling black smoke filled with negative energy. 

Be Comfortable: You don't have to look like the young lady in our picture up there. If you want to lay down, go ahead. If closing your eyes bothers you, don't do it. Make sure you are in the most comfortable position possible, just make sure not to fall asleep!

Use Music: Soft and relaxing music can help you to focus while meditating. Gentle strings or vocals can work well. If you find yourself getting distracted by the music, try no music at all or something softer. 


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