Get Through The Holidays By Thanking Your Body

Walk into any ladies’ locker room and you’ll probably overhear a conversation among two or more women criticizing themselves to each other about their weight, clothing size or hairstyle. More times than not you can hear woman telling another woman that they “look great!” While, in the same breathe berate themselves for their own inadequacies. What’s funny is this happens after tackling a tough workout. Women push their bodies to the limit in the weight room, cycling class or treadmill intervals and then put their bodies down? That’s not very healthy! Where’s the gratitude?

That’s why during this season of thanks we are taking a moment to thank our bodies for the hard work it does. Waking up every morning, to running and every type of downward dog and position in between, our bodies do a lot of work for us. Now it’s time to appreciate you.

Somewhere between fifth grade and freshman year of high school we forget that our bodies are our friends. We beat them up and put them down for faults that are often genetically out of our control. It’s comparing them to others or to an unrealistic vision in our mind; it’s time to stop focusing on individual shortcomings and appreciate what our bodies enable us to do.

During this season of Thanksgiving, instead of focusing on the food your body is consuming consider paying attention to all of the wonderful things your body allows you to do. (Although, don’t take this as an excuse to over indulge on pie and leftover.)

Instead of complaining that you can’t find anything to wear or your hair is a nightmare, express gratitude for all the amazing things your body has done for you this year.  Thank your curvy legs, flat chest, or love handles for getting you through all of it.  Regardless of size or shape, express gratitude for yourself to yourself. Think about it, your body puts up with you every day even when you forget to feed and water it properly, call it mean names, and deprive it of sleep.  

Throughout this holiday season, develop a greater love for your body. When you’re stirring those mashed potatoes or picking up the big turkey and mentally handling all of the family in one place this year, know your body is awesome.  Go on, even say it aloud. As a result, the positive opinion of yourself will make your workouts strong and your season brighter.

If you are looking for ways to keep yourself motivated this season, try signing up for a charity run it does the body and soul good, or using a free motivational fitness app to track your progress. And here are our tips on cooking a healthier turkey this Thanksgiving.



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