Do Women and Men Dream Differently?

“What did that text mean?” “Did he really mean that?” “Why can’t he just say what he means?” 

Relationships, romantic or otherwise, have always been difficult between men and women. But could the study of how we dream, help improve that understanding? 

A new study from the University of Montreal suggests the landscape of dreams based on sex are completely different. While women typically dream of real-life encounters or people, men tend to invent the people or images they dream of. Men are also more likely have dreams involving natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes. 

Over 10,000 dreams were recorded in dream journals over the course of the study with 572 participants. 

According to the The Telegraph, “Researchers were surprised to discover people did not have to feel afraid to experience a nightmare with states such as sadness, confusion, guilt or disgust enough to have many waking in a cold sweat.”

Women were also prone to dreams involving heartache and social conflict rather than physical harm. Check out this video to learn more: 

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