Migraine Headache

Managing A Headache At Work

Your temples start to throb. Your head is pounding. You can barely keep your thoughts straight. You reach in your purse for an aspirin, but you come up empty handed. What now? With these 5 tips, you can relieve your headache naturally, and continue your workday without the disruption of any aches or pains. 

Take A Break:

Sitting in the same position and repeating constant movements for a long period of time can cause muscle tension. In order to prevent stiffness and drowsiness, take a short break every hour by focusing your eyes away from your computer screen and, if possible, walking around your office space.

Thought Exercises:

Imagination goes a long way. By merely thinking you’re in a calm, serene state, you might just be able to trick your mind into believing you are tension-free.

Find A Soothing Rhythm:

If you’re feeling tense, pop in your ear buds and play a soothing song that will make you feel more relaxed and at ease. 

Examine Your Diet:

Are you getting enough fluids? Dehydration, along with certain unhealthy foods, can trigger uncomfortable head pains and aches.

Get Outside:

During your lunch break, step outside and go for a quick walk. The fresh air will revive your senses and the movement will stretch out your limbs.

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