Stressed Out? 5 Scents That Help You Relax

The sense of smell is so powerful that it can actually help relieve stress from your body.  Studies have shown that behavior can be altered just by simple aromatherapy benefits.  Some scents are said to have some empowering sensations within.  Check out these popular scents and how they can affect your stress levels and help keep your everyday insanity in check.

Rosemary Ritual

The home good scent of rosemary has been shown to have positive results to reduce stress.  The affects have been seen in light performances and uplifting moods.  Cortisol levels have declined by the positive demonstrations of rosemary. This means rosemary can be one of the most naturally healthy ways to relieve stress. 


Lovely Lavender

Lavender is a scent that just about everyone loves.  You can see feelings of contentment along with a settling calm affect, which is great for nighttime sleeping troubles.  A gentle peace can take hold of those who indulge in a little lavender sniffing.


Pay Attention with Peppermint

For those overworked and tired women out there that need a little pick me up get your noses out and inhale the calming spicy scent of peppermint.  Alertness and memory have been seen to increase for those who benefit from have a healthy sniff of peppermint. 


Lemon Oil is in the Air

Uplifting feelings are all around when lemon oil posses your sense of smell.  Lemon oil has an anti-depressants kind of feel to it when it’s emitted in the air that surrounds you.  Stress relief and skyrocketing mood enrichment are also seen. 

Center with Eucalyptus Oil

Not only is eucalyptus oil a great in moisturizers, but it can also be great for boosting concentration.  This great little oil can also surprisingly help with hangovers, and in general can help relieve stress.