Work-Life Balance: How To Leave Your Work At The Office


Work can be very stressful, especially for those that work in a fast paced environment. Unfortunately, many of us tend to bring stress and problems with us, even after we leave the office.

But we're here to tell you that this doesn't have to happen! When we leave work, it should be our time to relax and get our minds back on track. We need to learn how to leave work where it should be; at work! Here are a few ways you can put an end the overwhelming hours of work and enjoy your time at home.


Say No

Saying no can be hard to do, but think about all of the times you've said yes. Yes, you will stay 2 hours later. Yes, you will pick up the slack on someone else's work. Yes, you don't mind letting work consume your life. Okay, now that last one was a bit dramatic, but saying yes to everything else is you saying yes to work taking over your life.

Unless you are an entrepreneur, or business owner, your work should not consume everything in your life. If you really need to get home to your family for dinner, then just say no. You'll feel much better about your decision afterwards. Plus let's be honest, no one wants to look back on their life and only have memories of the workplace.


Relieve Stress

During your commute home, try to unwind your mind. If you take a train or public transportation, throw on some headphones and listen to your favorite jams, or whip out a journal and write about your day.

During this time, try not to think about the stressful situations or problems you might be having at work. Music is a great tool to use to soothe your mind, so take advantage of it during your commute. This way, you will enter your home less stressed, and ready to relax. 



This is a great way to make sure you don't end up staying past your office hours. Prioritizing will help you get your assignments done in a timely manner so that you can leave at the time you are supposed to.

Make a list of everything you have to do, so you don't forget any assignments. Do all of the easy things first, so that you can quickly knock that list down and have more time to do the harder things. If the opposite works better for you, than do the hard things first. Choose the way that works best for you. 


Solve Problems Ahead of Time

If you are the type of person who tends to overthink situations, then this step is necessary for you. If there is a problem or situation at your job, try to solve it before you leave the office. If you leave the problem unsolved and go home, it'll be on your mind all night long.

Solve the specific problem with your colleagues and ensure everyone understands and agrees with the solution so that there are no misunderstandings. This way you leave work not having to worry about anything. 


Work Gossip

When you get home, try not to get into the habit of talking about work for hours on end. It is natural for us to speak about the drama, or things that had upset us at work that day, but this is another form of us bringing work one with us.

If you are talking about work, then it is still on your mind. Once you turn that key, and step foot into your house, it is time to focus on you. Talk about your commute, and all the other positive things that happened throughout your day. 

Practicing these habits often will help you get into the habit of leaving work related problems at the office. This will give you time to become mindful, and focus on your health.