How to Shop for the Latest Styles on a Budget

How to Shop for the Latest Styles on a Budget

As each new season approaches, everyone wants to know what fashion styles are in.  And once you’ve identified the cutest looks, you’ll want to get shopping. But getting the latest styles each season isn’t always friendly to your wallet. Here are tips you can use to get the newest fashion trends at the best possible price. Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

  1. Start with chain stores. Boutiques are fun to shop at, and always have the cutest styles, but they’re also some of the most pricey fashion items you can find. Instead, start at larger chain stores because they’re most likely to have trendy items at reasonable prices or maybe even clearance items that they’re trying to move out of the store.

  2. Check out local consignment shops. Depending on when you shop, consignment shops often carry designer brands at discount prices. And while all the clothes might not be brand new, some may still have the original tags on it. Besides, if it looks new, who could tell?

  3. Shop outlet malls. You can often find cute clothes from some of your favorite, slightly more expensive stores at the outlet at a much better price. Stores like Ann Taylor, Gap, Coach and Calvin Klein all have outlet stores with more affordable options.

  4. Clean your closet. The great thing about fashion trends is that they tend to be cyclical. This means that if you hang on to pieces long enough, there’s a good chance it will come back in style. Instead of buying all new items, check the back of your closet and see what older items you have that you can transform for the new season.

  5. Keep your receipts. Have you ever purchased a new outfit only to find that the price is marked down the very next week? If you have the receipt and return to the store within 2 or so weeks of the purchase, many stores will give you the sale price.