Runway Trends for the Real Person

Runway Trends for the Real Person

Feather boas, underwear as outerwear, leather dresses, sky-high stiletto boots…these are all fashion trends seen on the runway. Are they manageable by a real person? Not as they are shown, perhaps, but there are oh-so-many ways you can expand on a runway trend as a real person living in the real world! Let the sidewalk be your runway and find out how you can be a fashionista minus the price tag and the theatricality!

Everyone has played dress-up at some point in their life, whether they were 5, 15 or 25. We all like to look our best and present our best self while experimenting with tones, materials and new looks. Those of us who have an interest in fashion past jeans and a button-down shirt know that the runway sensations every season are often designs that are nearly impossible for the average woman to wear. We are not all 6 feet tall and a size 2, nor do we have the money for $5,000 gowns or anywhere to wear them! We also know we like these trends but don’t know how to wear them without looking over-the-top. Here is where we help you make the runway trends work for you!

Leather Lady. Whether it is leather or pleather, it’s always in with designers, whether it comes in the form of a tight black tea-length dress or a camel-colored shift top. We feel safe wearing leather shoes or carrying a leather bag, but how can we make this look our own? Try a wide leather belt! A big belt draws attention to your smallest area, your waist, and it’s a way to make a statement with leather without having to wear it from head to toe. Leather statement necklaces like the bib necklace are a fun way to expand on this hot trend. A classic leather skirt that touches just above the knee is a terrific way to spice up any work outfit, and the same can be said for a distressed leather jacket. If you are brave enough to rock a leather dress, just remember- if it is too tight, it won’t be forgiving.

Furry Touches. Obviously a lot of people take offense to fashion made from leather or fur, but they are fashion trends that aren’t going away, especially on the runway at Vera Wang. You can expand on this without harming any of our furry friends by donning a bomber jacket with faux fur on the collar. This is a look that borders on masculine, so put it over a flouncy floral dress with cute booties or flats to make it more girly, or jazz it up with jewelry! There are plenty of ways to look runway minus the real thing!

Stripes! This trend always seems to come and go, but for many, it is a fashion staple, whether it be the bold nautical stripes of mid-summer or the thin black stripes on that lived-in wool sweater you pull out in early September. Some people see the stripes of the Spring, Summer and Fall runway shows and think they can’t pull them off, but they can! If you have a smaller upper half, rock the stripes as a top instead of as a skirt where it draws attention to thighs. Likewise, if you have a smaller lower half, rock the skirt and keep it simple up top so you don’t make a large chest seem even larger.

Slit to THERE Skirts:
 Angelina Jolie has often rocked a variety of long gowns with a sky-high slit to the thigh, a trend seen on the runway at the Jason Wu shows. If you aren’t feeling quite as confident, you can look for the universally-flattering pencil skirt with a small slit on the right or left side. This skirt moves with you, and you can show a little leg without going all the way! Make this look work-appropriate with mary janes or classic flats.

Snow White: White is in for Fall and was seen on the runway at Derek Lam and Vera Wang, so remember to take it easy on the red wine! Don’t go head-to-toe with this look, but use it sparringly in the form of a cashmere scarf, hat or sweater. Paired with jeans and riding boots, this is a winning look for Fall- and for all!

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