Extend Your Life with a Little Brain Power

by aevans
It's amazing just how many times we can hear that a change in our brain helps change our bodies.  Taking a placebo pill can help a person actually think themselves to health, even though there is no actual medication in the pill.

The same can hold true for getting older.  A recent study at Yale showed that people with a positive view of getting older actually added years to their life.  The study participants with the best outlook for the future added 7 years to their lives, on average.  Instead of fearing growing old or fretting over every new change your body goes through (and that means gray hairs and wrinkles too), it's actually healthier to view those changes as natural and welcomed.  Think of them as signs of wisdom or proof of more personal experience.

Getting older doesn't have to mean slowing down or doing less.  In fact, if you change how you approach aging to incorporate more activity, you can add another decade to your overall life expectancy.  Keeping active and loving your body, no matter what changes it goes through, will help assure you are around to see your great-grandkids graduate high school.

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