camera memory

Extra Memory Cards and Device Chargers

Sure, you’re thinking, like I would EVER leave my charger at home? But sometimes after packing up every outfit imaginable, it’s easy to leave the smallest essentials off of the list. In any case, you don’t want to be miles from home without a good way to document your trip.

While we’re talking about staying organized, adding memory cards, extra lenses or anything else to the list is pretty important as well. It’s a sinking feeling to have made it to a new destination only to find you can’t snap an amazing photo. I can’t stress this enough, and this is something I’ve learned the not-so-easy way: making a list a week or two away from your trip and continually adding to it makes it so easy to pack and go. I tend to be a last-minute packer, and I wouldn’t get through any trip if I didn’t sit down to write a must-have-with-me list beforehand.

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