focus intention

Set Your Intention

It’s so easy to get in a bad mood and say, nothing is working right. Or, it’s easy to go for years without addressing something you’ve been dreaming about because it seems too vague. That’s normal. Have you been wanting to lose that last 15 pounds, but you’ve been too busy at work to really focus on it? Have you been wanting to spend more quality time with your kids but your other commitments are in the way? Break down the barriers by settling on a crystal-clear statement of intention.

Take the thoughts floating around in your head about the most pressing goal you currently have. All it takes is five minutes; close your eyes and envision just one thing you REALLY would like to see happen, if only you had the time. Write this down, not exceeding not more than a couple of sentences. Don’t judge or re-write it. This is your intention.

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