mantra focus

Find Your Mantra

Yoga and meditation require a mantra. This is a simple or sentence or phrase that you repeat to yourself that sets your day on the right course. This is one part of the process to take seriously, as is a touchstone you can turn to when you’re feeling tired or unmotivated. Let’s say your goal is to run at least a mile a day. Well, the boss was extra tough this week, the gym feels so far away…stop the wall of negativity in a snap with a powerful mantra like “It never gets easier. I get stronger”.

Now, this isn’t the magic key to everything. Of course we all get tired, and it’s so easy to just say, “It’s one day”. However, the fewer days you let the lack of motivation take over, the better. We love looking to Pinterest for great quotes which keep us going. It’s also great to look to our moms and grandmothers…they always have the best advice! What’s will your mantra be?

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