Mod Podge Newspaper Rad Wall Art

Mod Podge newspaper creates a versatile backdrop for a rad wall art! It’s easy enough to stick newspaper onto canvas using Mod Podge. Use a wide and flat paint brush to apply a thin coat of the all-in-one glue to the canvas. Stick the pieces of newspaper onto the canvas helter skelter, or line them up straight. Smooth down the paper with your hands or a wooden ruler to get rid of creases and bubbles. 

Now that your backdrop is done, you can get as creative as you want! Use black acrylic paint or watercolor, or even a simple permanent marker to draw silhouettes, such as birds on a wire or a tree. Or write your favorite quote – use calligraphy if you know how! You can also use cut-up letters. Watch YouTube videos on how to paint simple flowers and create a garden on your canvas. Alternatively, you can Mod Podge newspaper onto decorative cardboard letters to spell out your kid’s name. 

Just have fun with it!

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