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Keep Your Cool With Exert

We are finally over halfway through winter. While the mercury may still be teetering on the freezing side, we are always heating up in the gym, at the office or any place where you may stat to sweat. That is where the Exert Smart Body Coolant ® comes in. 

When your skin temperature rises Exert Smart Body Coolant is there to help. This revolutionary product is in a pressurized spray can and can be sprayed anywhere on the body (well, not the face just spray on your hands to apply) to keep you cool under pressure.  Exert can lower the skin temperature by two to six degrees. It has a great stream to cover your body. It doesn’t have a smell and feels like lotion on the skin. 

Exert is made from Phase Change Materials and high thermal conductivity materials. This creates a fast acting body coolant that is able to recharge throughout the day. It doesn’t feel cold when applied, but it starts cooling only when the body temperature heats up. 

This product works by drawing heat away from the body and keeps you feeling great. Trust me, if you are moving into a new place you can still look cool, calm and collected as you are hauling your mattress up the stairs with your boyfriend. 

This is great for everyday use. Spray yourself in the morning and you will be feeling cool all day long. 

Final Thoughts: This is a very interesting product. If you find that you are having a hard time controlling your body temperature or are looking for a way to always look cool then we would suggest trying this out. 

Exert is $30 for a four to six week supply. You can check out their website here.

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