Gaiam ball chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Do you sit in a chair all day long at work? Well I do too, and I was tired of feeling completely inactive all day at work. Lucky for me, I was able to try out Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair.

I’ve been hearing about these “ball chairs” for quite some time, but I didn’t really think sitting on a ball would make much of a difference to my daily routine. First of all, I must say the set-up was incredibly easy. It only took me about five minutes to put the chair together. 

The chair came with a guide which includes several work-friendly mini workouts and stretches. I tried out a majority of these movements and they actually helped me reduce my stress levels and tension. Just by sitting in the ball chair I automatically felt more relaxed throughout my day. It’s very comfortable and forces you to sit up straight with good posture. It’s kind of difficult to be angry or tense when you have the ability to start bouncing on a ball at any moment.

I act like a complete child with this chair. I frequently find myself bouncing around…even when I probably shouldn’t. Realistically we could all probably use a chair like this in the workplace. It releases tension during a stressful day, and gives you a fun activity to do on a break. If you have a chair like this send us your pictures!

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