Product Review: Gtech Air Ram

Product Review: Gtech Air Ram

I’ve lived in downtown Chicago for about two and a half years now. Like most cities, Chicago apartments are far from “roomy.” In the past few years, I’ve had to adjust to my 600 square foot apartment and lack of closet space. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve gotten used to it. 

Everyone needs a vacuum, but not everyone has the space for it. My old vacuum took up half the space in my utility closet, but what was I supposed to do? My dog, Penny, sheds like crazy, so I typically vacuum at least five times a week. There is nothing worse than finally finding a way for my vacuum to fit in the closet, then having to take it back out a few hours later.

I had enough, and decided to try out the Gtech AirRam vacuum. The AirRam is completely cordless and bag-less. Not to mention, its only 7.7 pounds, so it doesn’t break my back when I use it. The AirRam did an excellent job of picking up the dog hair in my apartment, or as I like to call it, Penny-proofing. 

The coolest part about the AirRam is that you can plug it into your PC with a USB cable. You’re probably wondering, “why would anyone need to plug their vacuum into their computer?” Here’s the answer: To find out how many calories you burned and how much energy you saved by using the vacuum! I mean, come on, that’s pretty awesome. I love knowing that my body is getting some-what of a workout even when I’m not at the gym. 

After using the AirRam, I will never trip over a vacuum cord or struggle to stuff a vacuum into a closet again.

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