4 Meaningful Homemade Gifts for Valentine's Day

4 Meaningful Homemade Gifts for Valentine’s Day

In the age when three aisles of the store are filled up with Valentine’s Day goodies, it’s a widely known fact that nothing means more than a gift with a personal touch. Keep reading to see our favorite 4 homemade gift ideas that really will make your loved ones know you care.

Share a Meal

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, meaning it’s not the best night to go out to eat anyways. Have a special dinner and dessert session at your house, and not only will you save, you will get to customize the food to your liking. We recommend making Teriyaki Swordfish or our Lasagna Toss with Spinach and Ricotta. Both of these recipes are healthier than most restaurant dishes, with low-fat ingredients that don’t cut on flavor. We promise, your family will love them!

Make a Craft

Think of all your female friends and family members who you like to give trinkets on Valentine’s Day. Instead of rushing to the store to buy candy, consider making them one of these easy beauty products! With recipes for beautiful Vanilla Lip Gloss and Peaches and Cream Bath Bar, people will be raving about your creative DIY Valentines! Even more, you will save lots of money by mass-producing a craft at home.

Give a Homemade Treat

Fit&Fab has lots of great low-fat dessert recipes that you can make and give to anyone on your list, be they friend or family. From the decadent Fat-Free Chocolate Cake to Apricot Upside-Down Cake, you can indulge in all the sweet flavors of the season while still respecting American Heart Month and your 2012 resolutions. That sounds like a win-win to us. Wrap homemade treats in cute papers, boxes, and ribbons for the ultimate touch.

Play Bartender

Surprise your best bud or significant other with your impressive bartending skills, and whip up a beautiful drink. Pick up all the ingredients and bring them over, and then try your hand at creating the drinks on the spot. We recommend trying something that fits in with the themes of Valentine’s Day, such as a Honeydew Martini.

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