Fall Decor DIYs

Fall Decor DIYs

Decorating your home for fall doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These easy DIYs can be made using cheap supplies from a craft store!

Use candy: Fill a tray, dish or vase with candy corn and insert black candles for a fun fall centerpiece. Beans and nuts also make good fillers.

Framed leaves: Search around your backyard or nearby park for colorful leaves and press them in a heavy book. Once dry, frame them in an inexpensive wooden frame. These would look great up on a mantle or bookshelf.


Easily hang outdoor lights: If you’re having a fall or Halloween party, easily hang lights with hangable push pins. They require no tape and no nails, so can decorate with ease.

Lace painted pumpkins: Cut out the center of a doily and put it around the stem of a pumpkin. Make sure the doily sits flat against the pumpkin (you may need to cut slits in it). Apply paint using a small paintbrush. Allow paint to dry before removing the doily.

A bed sheet ghost: Turn a wire tomato cage (like the kind you use in gardening) upside down. Wrap Christmas lights around the cage and place a bed sheet on top.

Apple tea lights: Place a tea light on top of an apple and trace around the tea light. Use a knife to cut out a space for the tea lights making sure you cut deep enough so the entire tea light will fit. Squeeze lemon juice on the cut out areas to prevent them from browning.


Harvest wreath: Buy a foam wreath and mini artificial pumpkins, gourds and leaves from the craft store. Use a glue gun to attach everything to the wreath.

Fall chandelier: Glue ribbons to pumpkins or gourds and tie them onto your light fixtures.

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