Easy Ways to Give New Life to Your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Give New Life to Your Kitchen

Replacing cabinetry and appliances tends to be a very expensive practice that most of us only encounter once a decade or so. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give your kitchen a new vibe with some simple changes in decor. Keep reading to hear how we love to add a little bit of color and texture to our kitchen.

Hanging Plates
Who doesn’t have a few pretty plates laying around the house? Instead of saving them for serving desserts, take a few of your favorite ones and hang them on the wall. I love scouring Anthropologie’s sale section and thrift stores for handpainted plates on sale, like the four pictured above. Buy an eclectic mix and hang them up in a fun display using these super easy plate hangers from Amazon – just be sure to get the right sizes for the plates you have on hand. 

Hit up Anthropologie’s sale section again when it comes to adding creative knobs to your kitchen. Don’t feel the need to add identical knobs to every door – I gave cabinets round knobs and drawers flat pullbars so that I could add more colors and textures.

Adding a bright tablecloth can transform your table, and even your kitchen. Instead of a white or khaki tablecloth which will surely show messes, get a multicolored pattern in a fabric that takes well to washing and drying. 

Instead of letting your refrigerator be the place where coupons and takeout menus go to die in a messy brawl for surface space, display items that make you less stressed out, not more. Buy small chic magnets with lots of sticking power like these from the Container Store so that you can tac up family photos, invites for fun occasions, and anything else that won’t make you lose your cool when you go in the fridge for a snack.

Give your dinner table a bit of a perk up with some festive placemats. We love the variety of colors and textures offered at West Elm. Don’t feel pressured to buy a whole set to fill out your formal holiday dinners – just buy enough to use everyday to give your family meals a bit more warmth.


Displaying appliances on the counter may seem like a good idea, but it can actually make your kitchen feel less like a creative expression and more of a high-tech gizmo factory. Put some of your many gadgets away and add some art focal points to your countertop. A vase filled with flowers, candles, or even pottery can be a great way to warm up this often cold space. 

Fresh Paint
Yes, stainless steel and neutral combinations are in style for kitchens, but who says you can’t add a pop of color? Making the walls of my kitchen a subtle spearmint color was the best thing I could have ever done. Check out Behr’s website for even more creative kitchen color inspiration.

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