Tan, Whiskey, Chocolate Brown Shoes – What Goes with Them?

Most women feel that brown shoes are not as versatile as black ones, and so they’re not a staple in their wardrobes. But depending on the shade of brown, you can keep a pair and broaden your outfit choices. You just have to pick the right tone that will go with a lot of your ensembles. 

Brown can add warmth to an outfit, or have a neutral effect that ties up your whole look. Here are a few tips on how to wear various shades of brown shoes. 

Go for Earthy

If you have a lot of fall colors in your wardrobe – burnt orange, red-orange, burgundy, and forest green – the right tonal match is a pair of whiskey-colored or chocolate brown shoes, whether pumps, strappy sandals, or boots. The general rule of thumb is to pair either a darker or equally dark shade of shoes with your pants or skirt.  

Go for Neutral

A lot of neutral colors pair well with brown shoes, even better than they do with black in fact! If your wardrobe has a lot of beige, cream, ivory, tan, and taupe, you can wear various shades of brown shoes with any of them! You’ll look more put-together than if you wore black! The light, neutral shades are perfectly complemented by the richness and warmth of brown. The trick is to always choose a shade of shoes that’s only slightly darker than your neutral-colored outfit.

Go for Daring

Black and brown is supposed to be a huge fashion faux pas! But if you’d dare to give it a go, you can pull off this pairing and be très chic! One way to make brown shoes blend well with a black outfit is to incorporate other pieces of both black and brown. Think about how a lot of animal prints blend these two colors so beautifully! Wear a jacket, belt, and/or bag that is similar in shade to your brown shoes with an all-black ensemble. Add an animal print scarf with both black and brown, or copper-toned jewelry to pull the look together. Whiskey-colored heels or boots or brown with gold undertones can make a dominantly black outfit more dynamic. 

Go for Fresh

Pastel hues and subtle tans or chocolate browns are also a winning combination. Pull the look together with accessories in the same shade of brown as your shoes. 


Brown shoes are not dull at all. They certainly won’t make you look frumpy – if you know how to blend them well with your outfit. With the right tonal match, you can look chic in a brown pair of heels, boots, or strappies! 

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