Monthly Horoscopes: June 22- July 21

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Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Happy birthday Cancer! The Sun in your first house gives you a clear sense of who you are, and the ability to convey a strong impression to others. With retrograde Mercury close to the Sun you tend to see things from your own perspective, but you may not speak up even if you have a lot to say.  By the end of June you feel more in tune with yourself and your dreams with Jupiter joining the Sun making easy aspects to Neptune. You may also fantasize or entertain far-fetched ideas. In early July emotional intensity builds in your close relationships. You’re looking for profound experiences and may be drawn to charismatic partners. Expect some surprises in your career if you challenge the status quo. You consider adjusting your long-term goals. You’re realistic and practical at this time, so this probably won’t be too dramatic. Sun making a hard aspect to Mars toward mid-July impacts your home life, so there may be some tension. When Jupiter gets in the mix things should lighten up, and you may enjoy a boost in personal resources.  

Leo (July 23 – August 22)  

With the Sun moving through your twelfth house, take time to reflect on your past year and prepare for your birthday next month. Your efforts are behind-the-scenes, finishing up old business and laying the groundwork for the year ahead.   With retrograde Mercury joining the Sun you may be involved in group efforts. At the end of June the Sun making an easy aspect with Neptune highlights your interest in psychic phenomena or occult subjects.  The Sun in a hard aspect with Pluto in early July brings intensity, which may concern resolutions made about health and fitness.  You also will take a look at your home life and get serious about improving and building healthy relationships with your domestic partners. You can make strides to establish a solid foundation by investing time and energy into the physical structure of your home. In mid-July, your sharp wit is highlighted.  You may find yourself debating your point and contesting other peoples’ opinions. When Jupiter joins the Sun a few days later, your attitude expands and you will feel a shot of confidence, especially since Jupiter is now in your sign!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Sun travelling through your eleventh house highlights your involvement in community efforts and social activities.  Mercury, your ruler—which you share with Gemini—is retrograde and making a strong aspect with the Sun. This skews your perspective so your opinion may be somewhat subjective. As the Moon, Venus and Sun make favorable aspects to Neptune near the end of June, romance is highlighted.  The possibility exists that you may be idealistic in love, so enjoy, but be realistic if considering a long-term commitment. With the Sun gaining on Pluto in early July, your creative juices flow, and whatever you do, you do to the fullest. You turn serious minded, and mental concentration is good by early July as Mercury turns direct, but you may find difficulty with light social conversation at this time.  With the Sun making hard aspects with Uranus and Mars, some disruption may occur with regard to your handling of other peoples’ money, so count change carefully. Watch impulse buying around mid-July as Jupiter nears the Sun and makes strong aspects to Mars. With Jupiter moving into Leo, expansive feelings kick in.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With the Sun moving through your tenth house of career, reputation, and public image, you have a strong desire to make your mark in the world.  Things may start a bit rocky with Mercury being retrograde and the Sun making an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn, especially with regard to money.  But by the end of June your imagination is strong and topics related to creative interests or mysticism attract you, and you may find enjoyment in these pursuits.  With the Moon joining the Sun making a hard aspect to Pluto, you may be rather compulsive and able to unlock a mystery from your past. With Mercury turning direct, and Venus and the Moon coming into the picture in early July, expanding your horizons to exotic places or sharing your philosophy is highlighted.  You also feel confident you can get a handle on financial matters.  The need for freedom in relationships is highlighted, and you may rebel against your restraints.  You’ll get a lot accomplished in mid-July and by the end of the cycle, when Sun nears Jupiter, you’ll find working with groups to be fortunate. 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Travel, foreign cultures and studies that expand your intellectual horizons and broaden your understanding of the world are attractive to you as the Sun moves through your ninth house.  Getting answers to the big questions of life or seeing the overview of any situation is of interest.  With retrograde Mercury joining the Sun, you enjoy talking and expressing your views, and the power behind the social façade fascinates you.  When the Moon joins the Sun and makes pleasant aspects to Neptune, you find glamorous fantasies occupying your thoughts, and with Venus joining the mix, your craving for intense, emotional relationships may set up some pleasant romantic drama.  By early July a strong opposition between the Sun and Pluto highlights your analytical interests and critical thinking comes naturally.  While the Sun’s hard aspect with Uranus may make you feel impulsive and restless, you’re grounded by the Sun’s easy aspect with Saturn, where you’ll find goal setting and self discipline easier to handle.  From mid-July, when the Sun joins Jupiter making hard aspects to Mars, you find yourself working on a large scale to accomplish something big. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

As the Sun moves through your eighth house you find yourself craving intense experiences and being attracted to aspects of life that are considered off-beat or taboo.  With retrograde Mercury joining the Sun you may find yourself in verbal exchanges or negotiating.  Consider waiting until early July when Mercury goes direct to finalize deals.  With the Sun, Mercury and the Moon making easy aspects with Jupiter and Mars, you will be able to get closer to your goal by the end of June. You may feel a connection to your home and family that provides love and inner security you long for.  By the beginning of July a tension is building and you may become consumed with some aspect of money or material possessions.  A few days later things smooth out when you begin to see the world as more friendly than fearful.  You also feel uninhibited and unpredictable around that time, so if single, be aware of a tendency to choose unstable partners.  As the Sun nears Jupiter making an easy aspect with Mars, you may find success leading a team or working in collaboration with others. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

With the Sun moving through your seventh house you invest your creative energy into relationships, particularly in your marriage or close partnerships.  Disinclined to going it alone, you work hard to bring about mutual understanding.  You feel the need to express your love and affection through kind and caring words.  With retrograde Mercury near the Sun your intentions may miss the mark, but continue to work at it.  Near the end of the month when the Sun makes an easy aspect with Neptune, your dreams are energized, you’re charged with charisma and can be a potent force for change and healing.  You find yourself passionately involved in your current interests.  Later you take a more iconoclastic approach, preferring to decline from group activities and go your own way.  Your home life may also feel a bit unusual and in flux.  You may experience more freedom and less pressure there.   As the Sun nears Jupiter and makes a hard aspect with Mars, your energy will express your drive and competitive spirit.  You’re enterprising and ambitious, and will look for new opportunities in your career at this time.  

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

Your energies are directed toward perfecting your skills or techniques in your daily routine.  You may also be interested in improving yourself as a person as the Sun moves through your sixth house.  With retrograde Mercury joining the Sun your attention shifts to displaying your creative intelligence, possibly through writing or dramatic speaking.  At the end of June your focus on money or material possessions is highlighted.  You may consider making a living through an artistic or imaginative venture.  Your ideas build toward the beginning of July when Mercury turns direct and Pluto joins in with a hard aspect to the Sun.  You may have a deep interest in anything hidden and mysterious.  As the Sun gains ground on Jupiter and makes an easy aspect with Saturn, you exhibit conscientious behavior with a positive and constructive attitude toward work.  You are able to grasp new concepts quickly.  At mid-month you have the energy and passion to devote to a cause you hold dear.  With Jupiter moving into the sign of Leo, you’ll want to get out and socialize.  You are blessed with abundant optimism.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Your dramatic side shines as the Sun moves through your fifth house. You seek to be outstanding in a creative way.  Take pleasure in developing special talents. As retrograde Mercury joins the Sun, you’re introspective and able to articulate your views.  As the Sun makes an easy aspect to Neptune you become more compassionate to others.  When the Sun opposes Pluto, you may decide to leave the group and go your own way.  This may be as simple as deciding to prioritize your home and family life.  When Mercury goes direct in early July, expect those delays or setbacks associated with your home to start to move forward again.  The Sun with Saturn turns your interest toward religion and politics.  Feelings are strong, but don’t become rigid in your views. When Uranus comes into the picture you may become reckless with money.  By mid-month with the Sun catching up to Jupiter and making a strong aspect to Mars, you’re passionate about working toward your goals.  Setbacks may occur but after mid-July plans should be back on track as expansive Jupiter moves into Leo.  

Aries (March 21-April 20)

As the Sun moves through your fourth house, you find yourself investing time and creative energy in your home and family life.  Plan to entertain and have friends over this month.  With retrograde Mercury near the Sun, you tend to see things from your own perspective.  You also enjoy expressing your opinions and sharing your ideas, although your attention span may be rather brief and you may be easily distracted.  Toward the end of June you become very sensitive to the emotional tones that surround you, nearly raised to a psychic level.  By July 1 when Mercury goes direct and Pluto opposes the Sun you find an increased sense of mission, especially in career matters.   A pleasant aspect with Venus brings elegance to your surroundings.  As the Sun aspects Saturn, you may be apprehensive about the unknown, but your individuality takes over as a hard aspect to Uranus kicks in.  The Cancer cycle ends nicely with the Sun nearing Jupiter making hard aspects to Mars, Venus and Mercury, so go after big goals, especially related to close partners and entertainment. 

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

As the Sun moves through your third house with retrograde Mercury nearby, the urge to learn and communicate is strong.  You want to express yourself through writing, teaching and sharing ideas.  You may also be considering new money making opportunities at this time.   At the end of June your ideals and what you value most come into focus, especially as it pertains to your social or political outlook. Tension may build toward the beginning of July, but when Mercury goes direct, you may be called on to defend your philosophical views.   Some excitement is brewing, but choosing to keep it under wraps may be wise.  The urge to be free from a burden or commitment with a close partner is strong as well, and this may also percolate for you in early July.  Re-examining your social conscience will seem like the right thing to do by mid-July, but a few days later you’re back in business and going full steam ahead with the Sun joining expansive Jupiter and making a hard aspect with Mars.  This will primarily impact your home and daily routine.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

With the Sun moving through your second house along with retrograde Mercury in tow, you look for money and possessions to give you a sense of security, although they may not provide that quite yet.  Toward the end of June with the Sun making an easy aspect to Neptune, you work to make your dreams concrete in your daily life.  The Sun and Venus also show up, and you become more aware of your personal appearance.  Early in July with your ruler Mercury going direct, communication issues will start to move forward again.  You also develop a deep interest in the darker side of life as the Sun makes a hard aspect to Pluto. Make time for unusual and eccentric friends at this time as well.  Feeling a bit out of sync with your ideals by mid-July, you may question your goals, but later you’ll be back on track and having some fun as a bonus. You’ll find the energy and aggressive attitude you need to get ahead toward the end the Cancer cycle as Jupiter moves into Leo, but take care not to exhibit recklessness.

*Disclaimer:  Astrology is an art and science, and the jury is out on the exact proportions of each.  Remember to always use all forecasts with wisdom.  And take no forecast as a recommendation of future actions.  

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