July-August Monthly Horoscopes

The best way to use Planet Girl’s monthly horoscope column is to read the forecast for your Sun sign, but also read the forecast for your rising sign.  If you’re familiar with astrology then you know what this is. If not, it’s worth a few minutes to click on the attached link and enter your exact birth time and location, and calculate your chart for yourself. For example if your Sun sign is Gemini and you have Virgo rising, read the forecast for Gemini and also read the forecast for Virgo. Try it and see if this works for you. *  

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Leo (July 22 – August 22)  

Happy Birthday Leo!  With the Sun now in your first house you have a clear sense of yourself and convey a strong impression to others of who you are and what you want.  Assertive and self-motivated, you show your leadership qualities, and you find others looking to you for direction.  Now is the time to get a handle on your life.  With Jupiter and the Sun together, you are optimistic and feel lucky, and with Mars making a hard aspect, you are direct and quick-witted and possibly argumentative.  Challenging mental work is a good outlet.  Through the end of July and into August, when Mars moves into Virgo, you may become nitpicking and challenging to live with so take it easy with others especially at home.  You should get a few lingering chores completed there, though.  With the Sun and Mercury making aspects to Uranus, you become opinionated, especially about religion or politics.  You make your outlying ideas known to all.  With Saturn involved, you want to get to the heart of the matter at home and with family.  Lingering resentments may need to be aired.  

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

It’s one month to your birthday, Virgo, so you’re tying up some loose ends.  With the Sun moving through your twelfth house your efforts and activities may be hidden or behind-the-scenes.  You may prefer to take a low profile.  The Sun joining Jupiter emphasizes an interest in social work or giving time to charitable organizations.  With Mars involved, you may make purchases on impulse, or you may be reckless with your money.  Giving to a charity is an option.  With Mercury involved toward the end of July and early August, your mind may drift and be focused on imaginative topics.  Depending on intuition and first impressions is likely.  Also in early August, there could be some positive surprises or a change in direction, especially with respect to material resources shared with business partners, or mates.  Serious-minded and focused, you’ll analyze a situation thoroughly before proceeding.  With Mercury helping out, you’ll be eager to get your ideas and opinions across about the matter, and working to be clear is important.  And by the end of the cycle, your creativity is activated, but here too, strive for understanding.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With the Sun travelling through your eleventh house, your involvement with the community or in social activities is emphasized.  Your awareness of politics or the larger social impact of individual actions is also on your mind.  With Jupiter and Mars involved, you strive to unite your efforts with others, especially in networking opportunities or other social clubs or movements that reflect your interests and ideals.  Your assertiveness will get you noticed.  And with Mercury involved at the end of July into August, your understanding of trends and mass movements will help you communicate and collaborate, and you are likely to be part of a successful team.  Money or material security still may be a concern, but positive developments occur with partners or mates.  You may experience more freedom or develop a fresh appreciation for one another.   You still may see things from your own perspective, but you’re mostly positive about it all, yet doubts creep in around the edges.  Toward the end of the cycle, you may uncover a secret that will help you understand control issues that have lingered from your past.  

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

As the Sun moves through your tenth house, your career, reputation and public image are emphasized.  You work to reach beyond your limits and make your mark.  The merely personal sphere doesn’t satisfy you and you strive to be recognized for your unique gifts. Through the end of July and the beginning of August, with the Sun coupled with Jupiter, these drives are emphasized, with the added bonus of wanting to give back to the world and help improve others’ lives as well as your own.  And the position of Mars also highlights selfless behavior.  Toward mid-August, with Mercury joining in and Mars moving on, you are more energetic and vocal, and will forge ahead with plans regardless of others’ reservations.  You prefer flexible work options, and find new technologies to streamline your work day.  A disciplined attitude and maturity shows through so getting the job completed is not a problem.  As the Sun nears the end of the Leo cycle, an aspect with Pluto develops and a glitch may occur in work that involves investigation or deep analysis, but all should straighten out a day or so later. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

As the Sun moves through your ninth house, world travel or foreign cultures or studies appeal to you.  An interest in broadening your intellectual horizons or understanding of the world is attractive to you.  Philosophy, or a concern with answering big life questions occupy your mind this month.  With Jupiter involved, these tendencies are emphasized, and the position of Mars indicates you pursue your goals as a team player and work primarily for the benefit of others.  Helping a world charity association is a possibility.  There may be some confusion over plans toward the end of July, especially as it relates to home and family.  With Mercury joining in at the end of July and early August, your thirst for knowledge is heightened, and once again study of other cultures is emphasized.  Toward mid-August, you want to loosen up and let your hair down.  Being uninhibited will suit you, but with task-master Saturn nearby, you may have a nebulous feeling of guilt, as if you are having too much fun and may be punished as a result.  This could put a damper on your festive mood.    

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

With the Sun moving through your eighth house, you crave intense experiences and are attracted to aspects of life that are strange or taboo.  You may hide your interests or inclinations.  Your inner urge to go farther or deeper than you have before is emphasized.  You may also have an interest in the power and role that money plays in peoples’ lives.   With Jupiter making a close aspect with the Sun, you may find success in dealing with other people’s money, either though work or personal connections, possibly as an executor of a will.  Your drive and energy with regard to your involvement in these financial matters is apparent, but a team spirit prevails and you will work with the group in mind.  With Mercury involved toward the end of July and the beginning of August, you may find yourself sorting out a mystery of some kind.  There may be a surprise associated with your home or family. You may find rules of a group you’re involved in a bit too restrictive. You may be given more freedom, or find less pressure than you had previously. 

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

With the Sun travelling through your seventh house you find yourself investing time and creative energy into your relationships with others, particularly your marriage or other close partnerships.  You feel you need others to help you be all you can be.  You also enjoy working on a one-on-one basis to bring about mutual understanding and harmony.  With Jupiter involved, these interests are emphasized, and you may want to socialize more.  A thirst for freedom is highlighted and you want a partner to support your desire to learn and grow.  Passion for your convictions also shows, and you’re willing to dedicate your time toward a cause.  At the end of July into August, when Mercury meets the Sun and Jupiter, verbal exchanges are highlighted.  Talking, counseling or negotiating takes center stage.  You want an audience for your ideas.  When Uranus makes pleasant aspects to the Sun and Mercury, expect some surprises. You grasp new concepts quickly and you come up with unconventional ideas.  Saturn may help ground your inventive mind, stripping away all that is superfluous.  By mid-August, Pluto helps uncover secrets, but double check their veracity.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

As the Sun moves through your sixth house, your energies are directed toward perfecting your skills at work, or refining yourself as a person.  Critical analysis is part of the process.  And the urge to bring about an optimal state of functioning is a strong motivator.  With Jupiter close to the Sun, making hard aspects with Mars, you display a positive attitude toward work at what others consider drudgery.  Meeting your challenges with vigor in pursuit of your goals will be your modus operandi.  At the end of July and into August, with Mercury in the mix,  use your energy to get your mind organized.  Bringing efficiency to your space is a priority.  As Saturn joins in, your views may become dogmatic, causing conflict.  But with Uranus burning a hole in the pocket where you keep your cash, impulsive behavior or surprises are in store.  Freedom and adventure is nearby.  Seeing things from you point of view may be a problem mid-August, when you may develop iconoclastic tendencies and seek personal growth or social change.  You snap out of it by the end of the Leo cycle, though.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

With the Sun moving through your fifth house you get in touch with your dramatic, creative and expressive side.  You find yourself as the center of attention and enjoying your own performance.  Special talents and strong sense of pride shine.  Jupiter and Mars joining the Sun add fun-loving and playful enthusiasm to the mix, as well as personal relationships that are feisty and dynamic.  At the end of July with Mercury added, you’ll enjoy showing off your verbal and intellectual skills.  Try your hand at creative writing or speaking.  By the beginning of August, your ambition kicks in and you’re on your way to where you want to be.  Doubts creep in later, and fear of the unknown may put a damper on your fun.  Uranus saves the day fanning your unconventional, innovative side.  You replace stodginess with excitement and Mercury adds the mental brain power to fuel the flame.  Toward the end of the Leo cycle, with Pluto and Uranus making uncomfortable aspects with the Sun, your powerful drive may be sidetracked, and your playful rebellion misunderstood—it’s only temporary.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

With the Sun moving through your fourth house, you are inclined to withdraw in public and impersonal social settings.  Invest creative energy into your home, family and inner life instead.  As Jupiter and Mars meet the Sun, you’ll want to entertain and welcome others into your abode.  Or real estate will interest you at this time.  Whichever it is, you’ll work hard for what you accomplish and it will show.  When Mercury joins at the beginning of August, an interest in writing is highlighted.  It may be a good time to start blogging about home or lifestyle topics.  You have ambition and could form dynamic partnerships.  Later excitement builds with Uranus aspecting the crowd, activating your wild and daring side.  You’ll keep enthusiasm in check, but it will add just the amount of spark you’re looking for to ignite you onward.  With Saturn joining in you may decide to examine close working partnerships and decide whether a change is in order.  By the end of the Leo cycle, you’re beginning to examine philosophical views and decide whether you’re still passionate about them.  You’ll probably decide you are. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

With the Sun traveling through your third house the urge to learn and communicate is a priority.  Express yourself through writing, teaching, and sharing ideas and information.  Let your restless and inquisitive mind explore, both mentally and physically through travel.  With Jupiter and Mars in close aspect to the Sun you are optimistic and ambitious.  Through the end of July it only gets better with Mercury and Venus joining in, so take advantage of this and move ahead with vigor, especially with regard to money-making ideas and ventures.  Your mind is flush with possibilities and power to move them along. Tensions may rise toward the beginning of August, so consider moderating your message or listening to feedback on your approach.  Some pleasant surprises come up later that first week.  You’ll enjoy the company of eccentric friends with whom you share common interests.  You have much to talk about, and will get your point across clearly.  Saturn’s entry on the scene will help you make resolutions with regard to health and fitness, or revise ideas about work.  Some misplaced intensity may ignite exploration of power structures. Let this pass. 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

As the Sun moves through your second house of money and things you value, ownership gives a sense of security, and you find you have a strong attachment to your possessions. You also may develop an interest in understanding economics or determining the value of merchandise.  And with the Sun joining Jupiter, this emphasizes your focus on material well-being and prosperity, especially wanting to share with others.  But a hard aspect with Mars may cause some friction at home.  Try to temper outbursts before they happen or find a healthy outlet for your energy.  Through the end of July into early August with Mercury joining in, your mental skills and intelligence are directed toward practical matters, and you want to see tangible effects of an abstract concept.  Once Mars moves on you find vigorous competition pays off.  Through the first couple weeks of August, you may explore new career opportunities, and feel a desire to shake up the status quo, but with Saturn involved, you may be inhibited and find it difficult to be yourself. By the end of the Leo cycle, watch for misdirected emotional intensity.

*Disclaimer:  Astrology is an art and science, and the jury is out on the exact proportions of each.  Remember to always use all forecasts with wisdom.  And take no forecast as a recommendation of future actions.  

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