The Must-Try Scents From Yankee Candle's New Spring Collections

The Must-Try Scents From Yankee Candle’s New Spring Collections

If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait for this dreadful winter weather to come to an end. Yes, I’m well aware that it’s only February, but I’m getting a head start on spring this year and that means getting my home ready too! I see it as wishful thinking; maybe if my home looks and smells spring-ready, the weather will catch on. 

In my opinion, the most important step in spring-ifying my home is to swap out all of my winter candles for fresh-scented spring candles. Lucky for me, The Yankee Candle Company sent me four of their newest scented candles. Two of the candles are part of the new 2015 spring fragrances line, and the other two candles are from the new Pure Radiance collection.  

From the 2015 spring line, I’ve been using the Peach Cobbler candle and the Red Raspberry candle. The red raspberry scent immediately reminded me of warmer weather and sweet summertime fruit. This tangy and upbeat scent has an energizing effect and it’s the perfect candle to place in my living room. The peach cobbler candle is the perfect addition to my kitchen. The scent is so incredibly sweet and the combination of peaches and cinnamon make it the perfect candle to use between seasons. My only complaint about the peach cobbler candle was that it made me crave dessert!


I’m clearly a huge fan of the 2015 spring line, but I have to say, the Pure Radiance collection is must-buy for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. These candles remind me of being at a spa. The scents aren’t as fruity, instead they are more sophisticated and relaxing. As opposed to the traditional candles, this collection also features a wood-wick, which creates a crackling sound as the candles burn. The sound is so calming and peaceful. Pearlescent and Paradise were the specific scented candles that I tried out from the Pure Radiance collection. The pearlescent candle gives off a very clean and home-y scent. The Paradise candle was my favorite. The scent filled my home with the relaxing smells of an island vacation. It’s slightly fruity, but far from overwhelming. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Yankee Candle Co. candles, but these four new scents have me hooked! I highly encourage you to try them out. You can also head over to our giveaway page, and enter for a chance to win two large candles from the 2015 spring line. Click here to learn more about the giveaway!

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