3 Fun Ways to Bring Hollywood Home!

3 Fun Ways to Bring Hollywood Home!

Awards shows are one of our favorite parts of February, and with Hollywood’s biggest night on the horizon, Fit&Fab has put together some exciting ideas and products that help transport you to Hollywood—in the privacy of your own home. Whether you need the perfect drink recipe or want to transport yourself with a 3D experience, Fit&Fab has the solution for you!

Who doesn’t love an award show or a movie night in? Here are some easy ways to take those experiences up a notch!

See in 3D!
All the Fit&Fab ladies out there want and deserve to look and feel their best, whether it’s in the movie theater or while enjoying a film on the living room couch. Marchon3D, the leader in eyewear, has created the most fashionable 3D glasses on the market: EX3D Eyewear. Not only do these trendy glasses perform as sunglasses with 100% UV protection, they also provide the most technologically-advanced view of 3D technology, whether it’s your child’s favorite 3D movie or when viewing a brand-new 3D TV, computer or gaming system like Playstation 3. These glasses really do provide a vibrant look at RealD movies, as we experienced firsthand. Wearing those flimsy paper 3D glasses at movies is no fun, and we all want the best 3D experience. At around $35, the styles include varieties such as the Angelina, the Oscar and the Maverick, all aptly named. At this price, it’s worth it, whether you have a 3D device at home or not. If you are an avid moviegoer who loves being transported by 3D, there is no better product on the market. The glasses even come with a cleaning cloth and carrying case! Your EX3D Eyewear can be used to watch 3D movies shown in RealD® equipped theaters, which is always a great way to spend a lazy Sunday before the award shows that celebrate these awesome movies.

We are giving away a pair of these terrific glasses on the blog this Friday, so be sure to check back then!

Classy Starlet
You may be hosting an Oscar-themed party, and we know you will be busy serving guests and running around all night. The solution? Hollywood’s favorite ponytail hairstyle. You deserve to look good while you serve up drinks and appetizers, so follow these easy steps. Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow always has a sleek ponytail look:

Start by blowdrying hair straight toward your face so that it has a good amount of lift when pulled back into the ponytail.

Smooth with a flatiron and tease the top front section of hair.

Secure behind your crown and fasten with a hair tie (elastic), wrapping excess hair around the hair tie to cover it.

Congrats! A couple of bobby pins and you’re ready to shine like the star party host that you are.

Party Menu
Stay on theme with the movies that are nominated this year. Serve up a French cocktail in honor of The Artist or a Hawaiian chicken or fish dish in honor of The Desendants. We love this alcohol-free Cranberry Raspberry drink (the color of the red carpet!) and this lovely Sweet Pineapple Chicken.

Most of all, have fun: always remember to enjoy the party you are hosting (don’t work too hard) and make a movie night in special with healthy snacks like a low-calorie popcorn.

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