How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Classic Girl-Next-Door Look

How to Get Jennifer Aniston’s Classic Girl-Next-Door Look

Jennifer Aniston has been on our radar since the 90s, and after she starred in the hit series Friends, she’s been a beauty and style icon. Keep reading to learn about all of our favorite ways to get this actress’s subtle charm and confidence.

1. Keep it Natural
Jennifer knows how to tan and get highlights with the best of them, but she always keeps it natural. Be sure that your highlights are like Jen’s – well blended and in a shade that compliments your skin tone and preexisting hair color.

2. Stay Feminine
Yoga and cardio are a fix for Jen, but working out a lot and being in great shape doesn’t mean she gives up her feminine curves or has bulging muscles. When you work out, aim to tone up and not to completely redefine your body.

3. Embrace Classic Style
It’s hard to go wrong in an LBD, or a fitted pair of boot cut jeans and a great tee shirt. Even if some people call her boring, we just like to say that Jen knows what works!

Do you have any other tips for looking great without trying too hard? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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