10 Things Every Girl Needs to Bring to College

10 Things Every Girl Needs to Bring to College

Shopping for college is overwhelming. Trust us, we’ve been there. It doesn’t help that everytime you mention the word college, your mom starts to tear up. With this checklist you can breathe a little easier. This list was put together by our editors who have all survived college and are passing on their wise advice to you.

1. Rain gear: Unless you’re lucky enough to have a car, you better get used to walking to class in the rain. Of course it’s easier if you have a cute pair of rain boots and a rain jacket. We also suggest buying a tiny collapsible umbrella and keeping it in your bag at all times.

2. A small purse: A clutch or small crossbody bag will do the trick. Tell your parents it’s for “formal events,” but in reality you don’t want to be carrying a large tote bag to a party or bar.

3. Robe or towel wrap: The bathroom could be down the hall from your dorm room. And trying to walk down a hallway while holding up a towel and your shower caddy is a challenge.

4. More room decor than you think you need: Dorm rooms may be small, but they have big white walls. Buying a few picture frames is not going to be enough. Get at least 2-3 posters or large wall art, wall frames that hold multiple pictures, magnet boards and colorful window curtains. The more decorations you have, the homier your room will feel.

5. Closet storage: Make the most out of your miniscule closet with shoe racks and over the door hooks. Get plenty of hangers too. Those always seem to disappear.

6. Floor rug: Even if your dorm is carpeted, it won’t be the soft, comfy carpet you’re used to at home. An area rug will make your room more inviting. It’s a nice way to add color as well.

7. Cleaning supplies: Stock up on Tide to Go pens and disinfecting wipes. We also recommended getting dish soap for cleaning plastic plates and bowls as well as Magic Erasers because they clean just about everything.

8. Drying rack: Save money on laundry by letting your clothes air dry.

9. Mattress pad: A must-have for getting a good night sleep. It turns your rock hard mattress into a sleeping oasis.

10. DVDs, board games, etc: For nights in with friends, nothing beats watching your favorite chick flick or playing a childhood board game

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