Keeping It Classy At The Office

The hot weather is here and it’s just as humid and uncomfortable as you thought it would be. In the summer it can be tempting to ditch the professional look for something that will keep you cool. Before you start violating your company's dress code, check out some of these outfits that remain buisness professional. These examples will prove professional summer fashion is possible.

Pencil Skirts:

That short skirt may look fabulous on you, but when it comes to looking professional in the workplace, you should probably hang it back in your closet. Pencil skirts are professional and they don't restrict you in the heat. Pencil skirts come in a variety of styles and colors, so mix and match them with different blazers and blouses. You will be amazed at all of the ways you can dress up pencil skirts without sacrificing your personal style.

Photo credit: chicisimo

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