Rev Up Your Spring Workout

Now that it’s almost spring, it’s time to get outside, enjoy the warming temperatures and shed winter weight gain once and for all. While the gym is always an easy place to find workout activities, many of us are unable to drag ourselves there and find staring at a wall or muted television about as exciting as watching paint dry.  The easiest–and cheapest–option is to take your workout outside.  It may be a little chilly, but dress in breathable layers that you can shed as your body temp raises.  This spring workout guide will provide some great outdoor exercises as well as motivational strategies if you having trouble getting started.

Try out some of these exercises if you need a break from the gym, or if you want to workout in the great outdoors. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air and sunshine!

1. Walking, jogging or running
Ditch the treadmill as you discover trails, paths and streets you have never traveled.  Find local parks or forest preserves for scenic workouts.

2. Jump rope and jumping jacks
Portable jump ropes can be purchased for less than $15 at most stores.  Jumping is a great way to get your heart pumping quickly and is incredibly easy!  Keep track of your numbers so that you can delight in your progress over time.

3. Cycling
Cycling is one of the best low-impact cardiovascular exercises.  It does require a bike and helmet; however, the investment is well worth the pleasure. Bicycling is a great way to include the entire family in your workout.

Here’s a few techniques to get you motivated and ready to workout:

1. Find new music
Nothings better than working out to a new, upbeat song.  If you don’t want to purchase music, raid your friends’ music collection.

2. Purchase workout gear
Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to treat yourself to a few wardwrobe pieces: the half-zip pull-over, breathable mesh tanks and shirts (long and short sleeve–spring weather can be mercurial), a pair of outdoor workout shoes or even a new water bottle.  You don’t need to revamp your entire wardrobe, but a nice workout piece may be just what you need to get going.

3. Find a buddy
Working out is always easier when you have a workout buddy.  Ask friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to join you.  While it’s not always possible to workout with others, it is certainly an added bonus.