Sweatin’ in Style

Don’t you hate when you go to the gym and every woman you see looks absolutely perfect?  Their hair is neatly pulled back, they’re wearing the most fashionable workout gear, and they look like they’ve never broken a sweat in their life.  Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the sweating part, but we can help you with the fashion!  Here are the workout clothes we love because they incorporate both fashion and function, allowing you to work your hardest while looking your best.

Chest support
The Champion C9 sports bra features a racerback and breathable, moisture-wicking material that make working out no sweat!  Throw in some cute polka-dots and you’re ready to go.
Target $16.99

This bra by Under Armor offers individual cup support to create the ultimate level of support.  Perfect for intense workouts or full-figured women, this bra does what it should and more!  
Dick’s Sporting Goods $44.99

The Bestform Cross Trainer Crop Bra has an inner mesh support system for double support.  If that’s not good enough, pink stripes add a fun look to this dark blue bra.
Sears $10.99

The New Balance 752 shoe is not only adorable with its pink and gray palate, but it has extra traction, so it’s perfect for hiking, outdoor running, and off-road activities. 
Famous Footwear $64.99

Reebok Easytones use balance-ball technology to shape up your legs and glutes while you’re walking.  They’re also super-comfortable!
Famous Footwear $99.99

The Adidas Ignition shoe is a cross-trainer that features breathable mesh and great shock absorbers.  They’re not too shabby looking, either!
Sears $29.99

These Graphic Yoga Mats certainly make their message loud and clear.  What a cute way to add some edge to your yoga session!  And they even come with their own bag.  Remember, you don’t need to do yoga to use a yoga mat- use one for stretches and floor exercises of all sorts.
Old Navy $19.50

These Three-Strand Headbands not only keep your hair firmly in place, but they add a pop of color to any dull workout outfit.  The three separate strands also make these headbands stand out in the crowd.
Athleta $14.00

Go 80’s style and try any one of these colorful sweatbands.  You’ll be flash-dancing in no time!
Atafa $1.49

The Nike Principle Airborn Tank offers more coverage but just as much support as a sports bra.  And it comes in three fun colors! 
Kohl’s $27.99

For those cold weather runs, try wearing this zip-pocket hoodie.  The smooth fabric and grommet ventilation gives you more breathing room than a regular hoodie.
Old Navy $29.50

The Fila Sport Performance Tee has comfy, stretchable fabric, a v-neck, and a zip-up pocket to hold your MP3 player.  What more could you ask for?
Kohl’s $20.99

These quick-drying running shorts from Old Navy actually have built-in briefs to keep you covered and comfortable. 
Old Navy $15.00

These yoga pants are black, but they’re spiced up with a colorful roll-over waist.  They’re stretchy and slim-fit, so they’ll move with you as you’re doing your downward-facing dogs and sun salutations. 
Victoria’s Secret $29.50

If sweats are more your style, try these drawstring pants.  They are cropped below the knee, allowing for a better range of movement. 
Target $16.00