Gym Bag Essentials

It’s such a nightmare to show up at the gym and realize you forgot something important.  Everyone can remember to bring gym shoes and workout clothes, but what about the other stuff that sometimes gets left behind?  Get out your gym bag, pack it with these essentials, and you’ll be ready for anything the gym throws at you.   

Water bottle
Doctors always tell us to drink 8 cups per day- that’s extra important if you’re working out!  Working out while dehydrated can result in cramps, headaches, and even fainting or vomiting.  Invest in a good non-leaking bottle and your body will definitely thank you for it. 

Think of all the germs that people leave on exercise equipment and machines.  Wipe off machines before and after you use them.  It’s courteous to the other gym users and you’ll avoid touching other people’s sweaty stains. 

It’s simple.  You want to avoid sweating and stinking as much as you can.  Most of us don’t usually carry around deodorant, so make sure your gym bag contains an extra stick for pre- and post-workout applications. 

Extra hair bands
We all know how obnoxious it is when a hair band suddenly snaps.  To assure that you won’t be working out with your hair hanging in your face, bring a few extras, just in case.  Barrettes and bobby pins can also work wonders, especially if you have bangs. 

MP3 player
There’s nothing worse than working out in complete silence.  Having some music to keep you energized can make working out much easier and much more fun.  Make an exercise playlist with all your favorite upbeat songs- your workouts will fly by!

Sometimes we run to the gym right after work, when we haven’t had anything to eat for hours.  To avoid working out on an empty stomach, keep a granola bar or other healthy snack in your gym bag to give your body the extra energy it needs. 

Flip flops
If you are a regular in your gym’s shower, having flip flops or water shoes is incredibly important.  To avoid athlete’s foot and other germs or fungus, slip on your flip flops before you have a wash. 

If you regularly go out after the gym, whether it’s off to work or out to dinner, you don’t want to look like you just finished running a marathon.  Keep some basic makeup essentials in your bag, such as concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, and nobody will even know you just came from the gym. 

When “Aunt Flo” takes you by surprise, you want to be ready.  Lots of gyms don’t have tampon dispensers, so keep one or two in your bag.  The best part is that they hardly take up any room at all!