How to Burn More Calories – Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Metabolism Going

Has your weight loss plateaued? Try these tips and tricks to keep your metabolism going and keep burning calories!

  • Change your speed on the treadmill at regular intervals. On alternate days, you can also do brisk walking, instead of running, but on a steep incline. 
  • Start a full-body strength-training routine. With a combination of low-intensity exercises and high reps, you won’t have to worry about growing huge muscles. Instead, you’ll improve your muscle tone and definition – think well-defined cuts – and boost your calorie burning. 
  • Do circuit training in between your regular workouts. This simply means completing just one set and then moving on to the next exercise with little or no rest, and then repeating the cycle until you complete the number of sets you regularly do for each exercise. 
  • If you find yourself getting bored while doing your cardio, keep yourself entertained with your favorite playlist, or even a movie or TV show. This will help you exercise up to 20 percent longer!
  • Skip the gym and head outdoors – you’ll forget the time while you’re being physically active. 
  • Get adequate rest. Give your body time to recover. If pushed too hard and too long, your body will go to preservation mode and slow down your metabolism to conserve fuel. But if you get enough rest, you’ll keep your metabolism going at optimal levels.