Jackie Warner

How Often Should I Work Out? Jackie Warner Has the Answer!

How often should I work out?  It’s a question that many women ask themselves regularly.  We’re always hearing different recommendations from scientists, doctors, trainers, and athletes, so who should we listen to?  We let top personal trainer Jackie Warner fill us in on what she thinks is the right amount to work out.

Jackie works out 6 days per week and she recommends that women work out at least 5 days per week if they want to start seeing results.  Unless you’re completely stagnant, she says, 2 or 3 days per week will not make much of a difference in your physique.  

She believes that the ideal workout schedule is 2 days of cardio per week coupled with 3 days of resistance training.  Try to make your resistance training last about an hour or so. 

This may leave some of us thinking, “but I only have 3 days per week scheduled with my personal trainer!” If this is the case, ask your personal trainer their advice as to what you should be doing on your “days off.”  If he is a good trainer, he should be able to come up with a plan for what you can do on your own the other two days.  Of, if you can afford it, add some more sessions to your plan.
It may sound difficult to fit 5 days of exercise into your schedule, but Jackie reminded us that it’s not about the length of time you do cardio, but the level of intensity at which you do it.  If you’re looking for a quick but intense workout, read about Jackie’s 7 minute full-body workout here!

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