Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner Shapes the Bodies and Minds of 8 Clients on “Thintervention”

After three seasons, Bravo’s Jackie Warner has bid a fond farewell to “Work Out” and is saying hello to “Thintervention,” which premiered on September 6.  In this new program, expect to see less of Jackie’s personal life and more of her professional life; that is, more training, diet tips, and exercise tips!

So what exactly is “Thintervention” all about?  Eight overweight participants embark on a weight loss journey with the help of Jackie, who does everything she can to help them achieve their goals.  Out of these participants, one face you may recognize is Jeana Keough of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”  Each episode features 2 workouts; one in the gym and one “epic workout” that aims to push the participants to their limits.  Jackie is a tough trainer and these clients learn that the hard way.  

You may be asking yourself, “what makes ‘Thintervention’ different from any other weight loss program?”  To start, you may have noticed that I have been referring to her clients as “participants” and not “competitors.”  This is because they’re not competing in any way.  They are simply 8 people who are striving to lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.  Nobody will be eliminated and there will be no prizes awarded to whoever loses the most weight…well, except for a gorgeous body!  
Another unique aspect of the show is that the clients do not abandon their jobs and lives to live in a house together.  While most reality programs require the participants to put their lives on hold, Jackie’s clients on “Thintervention” continue living their everyday lives and train with Jackie in their free time.  This makes their weight loss more likely to be permanent.

Finally, therapy is incorporated into the transformation of Jackie’s clients.  As Jackie strongly believes in the importance of a “mind-body” connection when it comes to exercise and weight loss, she provides a therapist for her clients.  By working out their underlying issues with food, they can really make their weight loss last.  “We break them down to build them up,” Jackie stated.

This season, expect to see struggles, excitement, drama, and success as Jackie pushes her clients as far as she can in order to shape their bodies and improve their lives.

Be sure to check out Jackie’s new program “Thintervention” on Bravo every Monday at 10pm Eastern time!  Also, beginning in September, visitors of http://JackieWarner.com will be able to sign up to get online personal training with personal trainers hand selected by Jackie.  Members will receive specialized one on one monitoring and hyper-personalized daily workout and meal plans for as little as $10 a week.