How to Get Excited About Exercising

How to Get Excited About Exercising

Most of us are probably less-than-thrilled to have to squeeze in workouts amdist busy schedules. But working out doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. It’s possible to truly get excited to get in a good sweat session – we promise! Here are 5 things you can do to make working out fun and exciting!

New workout apparel – First things first. In order to get in a good workout, you need to have the right apparel. You can’t be expected to feel comfortable in cotton t-shirts that weigh you down with sweat. Instead purchase yourself a moisture-wicking shirt. This better, breathable technology absorbs sweat from your body and helps keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Also, you may want to invest in a good pair of athletic shoes, especially if you’re running. Wearing old or the wrong shoes can lead to injury. What’s more fun than working out in a brand new outfit?

Track the numbers – There are tons of fun tech-y gadgets out there that monitor everything from time, distance and pace to heart rate, maps of your route (if outdoors) and elevation. Depending on your budget you can find a basic watch to monitor time, pace and distance for around $20-30. If you’re looking for something with a few more options, you could purchase a watch from anywhere between $160 – $300. Keeping track of your stats is not only interesting, but it allows you to actually note when you’re progressing in your fitness level, which should make you feel good! Having a bit of competition with yourself is also a great motivator to work hard during each and every workout.

Pick out a goal outfit – Whether you looking to tone up or lose a bit of weight, shop around for an outfit to reward yourself with once you hit a major milestone, which you should set based on your individual goals. If you’re comfortable purchasing the outfit before hand, go for it. If not, shop around, especially online, and you’ll probably find some killer deals!

Try a class – If your everyday treadmill or elliptical routine isn’t doing it for you anymore, it’s time to shake things up. Do some research around your area – check local gyms, park districts and studios and get a listing for all the fitness classes offered. Chances are there will be one that will fit your schedule. You may just find your new favorite activity! Having the guidance of a motivational fitness instructor plus all the people you’ll meet in class may be just the thing to keep you excited about exercising.

New playlist – Get some new tunes. Music can have such a huge affect on your workout. With the right song, you can work out harder than you ever thought possible. But after a while, music can go stale, so make sure to update your playlist with any new, upbeat songs that will give you that extra push to get through a tough workout. 

Workout buddy – Find a friend or family member and try to setup a regular schedule in which you meet to work out. This can be tough if you don’t have friends who want to work out or who have different schedules from you. But even if you can only workout with a friend or family member once a week, this is one workout that you’ll look forward to.