6 Reasons to Try Yoga

6 Reasons to Try Yoga

If you’re looking for a more well-rounded exercise regime, consider adding yoga to your workout schedule.  While it may seem intimidating at first, the benefits of yoga are numerous.  Here are 6 great reasons to try out yoga sometime soon!

  1. Flexibility
    Each yoga pose ensures that your muscles are loose, limber, and active.  Poses vary in difficulty, so people with limited flexibility can start slow and watch their improvement.  After several classes, most people see an increase in their flexibility, along with the increased ability to perform more advanced and technical poses.

  2. Strength
    Yoga is not just about flexibility and stretches; the wide variety of poses involved in yoga means that all of your muscle groups are being targeted and strengthened.  The chaturanga pose, for example, strengthens the arms and core simultaneously.   

  3. Posture
    With strengthened muscles comes better posture, and shoulder and back muscles are certainly strengthened through yoga.  Back and shoulders may also experience a release in tension from yoga, making them more apt to good posture.  On top of that, posture is emphasized in most yoga poses, making it good practice.

  4. Relaxation
    Yoga involves deep breathing and concentration, making it similar to meditation.  The result can be stress-relief and relaxation.  Many yoga poses are even geared toward relaxation.  Most people leave yoga sessions feeling energized but calm.  Studies have shown that yoga can even reduce symptoms of anger and anxiety.

  5. Mind-Body Connection
    Because of the concentration required in yoga, your body and mind learn to work as one unit.  When you focus both your body and your mind on one action, you strengthen the mind-body connection in ways you may never have before.

  6. Pain-Relief
    Yoga offers relief from pain by stretching the muscles and relieving tension within them.  People with chronic or life-threatening conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis have been found to experience pain relief after several sessions of yoga.