Should I Kick My Old Running Shoes to the Side?

Should I Kick My Old Running Shoes to the Side?

All of us know that running shoe companies are constantly trying to come up with new ideas to open our wallets and help us become better athletes. Have they hit the jackpot with their newest toning shoes?

What are they? Lots of companies offer them- Reebok calls them EasyTone shoes. They are the newest fad in gym shoes, and people have different views of their effectiveness. They are about as expensive as a quality running shoe, and Reebok offers EasyTones for around $100 a pair.

How do they work? Basically, the idea is that the bottom of the shoe is not flat or even, so it constantly gives a workout to your legs as you maintain balance. By putting more work into your legs and taking away the stability in the bottom of the shoe, your legs can supposedly gain strength and tone.

What’s the consensus? Like all shoes, toning shoes only function while you’re walking. Thus, adding them to a daily routine already emphasizing fitness can probably marginally help. However, these shoes aren’t miraculous. If you only walk a couple blocks a day or sit at your desk all day at work, these shoes won’t help very much. In order to work, they must be used!

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