3 Exercises to Make You Look & Feel Younger

3 Exercises to Make You Look & Feel Younger

When high-impact activities hurt your joints and workout machines leave you out of breath, you can’t help but feel old.  These three fun exercises, however, will leave you looking and feeling younger than ever.  Tone your body, get energized, and feel the years melt away!

Dust off that old hula-hoop and see if you’ve still got it!  Hula-hooping will not only transport you back to your youth, but it will also help you trim that torso without any high-impact movements.  Since hula-hooping is back in style, you can find hula-hoop fitness classes at some gyms and you can even purchase workout DVDs made especially for hula-hoop workouts.  There are even special weighted hula-hoops available in some fitness stores.  Take your hula-hooping up a notch by holding 3-pound hand weights while you do it.

Swimming is a fun and refreshing way to work every muscle group in your body.  Because it is a very low-impact activity, it is perfect for people with joint problems or injuries.  Instead of just swimming laps at your local pool, try joining a water aerobics class that incorporates weight training into its routine.  Your muscles and heart will benefit, and you’ll have fun at the same time! For a more intense, body-sculpting pool workout, click here!

You may not think of dancing as exercise, but you can burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour when you break a sweat on the dance floor.  Dance is also a great way to relieve stress after a long day.  There are many dance-based exercise programs to help you get in shape, such as Zumba, or you can simply play your favorite music in your living room and bust a move!  Traditional types of dancing, including ballet and ballroom dancing will tone your legs and work your core.  Take some lessons and try something new!

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