Budget Outings: Fall Edition

Budget Outings: Fall Edition

Budget Outings is a great new feature on Fit&Fab where we discuss some great activities for you and your significant other or friends. Fall is a fabulous time to spend outdoors or indoors doing things that get your heart rate up and prepare you for winter. Keep reading to learn about the great outings in store for fall!

Go apple-picking. One of the most traditional fall activities, apple picking is extremely fun, and great for you for many different reasons! Walking around the apple orchard will help get your heart rate up, and might even provide some Vitamin D on a sunny day. Using your apple-picker to reach to the top of the tree will stretch your arms, shoulders, and back. Eating your apples at the end of the day is great for your health as well. This is an all-around fun and good-for-you activity!

Try hiking or biking. The leaves change colors in the fall, providing a great natural backdrop for any outdoor activity. You won’t even notice how hard you’re working as you gaze off into the beautiful scenery. Try biking or hiking in a forest preserve or secluded area for the most relaxing effect. This is truly an opportunity to spend time with those most important to you.

Shop ’til you drop. We are jumping the gun a bit, but let’s be serious, it’s almost holiday season! Plus too, you’ll need some new accessories and clothes to make your fall and winter wardrobe super fabulous. It’s great to get up and walk around the mall for a few hours (at what other time do you stand for 3+ hours at once?) plus you’ll get some bonding when you choose items with others. Try getting a new pair of boots, or some warmer socks. Even one new find will have you excited for the new season.

Cook together. There are many great recipes to make for fall, lots of which are healthy for you and won’t spoil all that great exercise you’ve been up to! Try this recipe for Lite Apple Pie from our friends at Recipe4Living. Bonding over cooking and food is a great way to spend the time.

Do around-the-house projects. When it gets cold in the winter, you don’t want to be dragging old boxes out of your house to throw away. If you didn’t adequately spring-clean this year, get your plastic gloves on this fall and clear out your closets! Then, you’ll have plenty of space for winter when it’s time to sit inside. Lifting boxes is the same as lifting weights: focus on your target muscles and lift properly. You’ll be sure to get a workout!