Steps to your 'Workout You'

3 Steps to your “Workout You”

  • Figure out your body clock – some people love getting up early to hit the gym or the track. Others can’t tear themselves out of bed, and might actually find it more beneficial to work out after work – to relieve all the stress of the day. Once you know your time, that might help determine some of your other choices as well.
  • Ask yourself some questions about other people – Do they motivate you, or do they make you nervous? Are you a social animal, or a solo-flying eagle? I hear Cher loves to have people around, so she invites friends over to workout together. Aerobics classes, team sports and gym workouts are all great solutions. Other people may want quiet time for themselves while they exercise. Running, swimming, and cycling are all great solo activities.
  • Check your personality – If you need a goal – a destination, a number of laps, etc. – choose a fitting exercise. If you are looking for more of an inner experience, tai chi, yoga or Pilates are more you style than the treadmill. You might need something bigger to motivate you – perhaps a biking tour of New England or a marathon along the lake. Having that bigger goal out there may (or may not, depending on your personality) motivate you to keep at your exercise routine.


Of course, people don’t fit neatly into boxes. Just because you love running solo doesn’t mean you’ll hate a Pilates class, and just because you enjoy the reflective, slow movement of tai chi doesn’t mean you’ll be jangled and jostled by a fast-paced kickboxing class. Once you’ve found the “workout you,” try things that don’t fit on occasion.