Peanut BUtter

No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

One of my favorite healthy snacks are Peanut Butter Protein Balls. It’s a basic recipe that can be easily personalized to your preferences. The draw of these protein balls is that they are packed full of healthy ingredients, but on the outside (and in your mouth) they seem like an indulgence. Here’s how I make mine.

    What You’ll Need:

     1 jar peanut butter
     2 cups of dry oats
     1/4 cup flax seeds/grounds
     3 T honey
     2 tsp. cinnamon
     1/4 cup dark chocolate chips

 What to Do:

1) Whatever peanut butter you prefer, make sure it’s quite soft before you start mixing. I like to use Smucker’s Natural, creamy. To begin, scoop out your peanut butter into a mixing bowl. The oil sits on top of the Smucker’s Natural peanut butter, so I use an electric mixer to blend it together to make it smooth and malleable for mixing in the other ingredients. 

2) Once your peanut butter is smooth and ready, add the dry oats and fold in, or feel free to let an electric mixer do all the work. 

3) Add the flax seed to the mixture. Flax significantly aids digestion, so it’s a very healthy component to this protein mix. 

4) Add two teaspoons of cinnamon. Add three tablespoons of honey; this will help bind the mix together so it’s easier to form into balls.

5) Finally add in the dark chocolate chips, which is a potent antioxidant, and lowers blood pressure. 

6) Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, be ready to get your hands messy, because it’s time to roll the balls. Spoon the mixture into your hand and form about one-inch balls. 

7) Once you’ve finished balling your mixture, refrigerate them in a Tupperware or other concealed container. Keep your peanut butter protein balls refrigerated and enjoy!

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