Meat Lovers Heaven: 7 Protein Packed Favorites

Meat Lovers Heaven: 7 Protein Packed Favorites

Eating a well balanced diet doesn’t mean you should give up all your favorite foods and only let yourself eat kale and tofu. Here at Fit and Fab Living, we firmly believe that a balanced diet means eating a variety of foods in moderation to get the nutrients your body needs. In eating this way, we are able to eat delicious meals that are actually good for us!

Take a look through these meaty recipes that are loaded with protein!

Southern Beef Short Ribs

This recipe has been one of my favorites. The flavors blend so well with the sweet, sour, and hot. The meat just melts in your mouth. The sauce is what we call in the south a ‘sopping sauce’. I always have a large pan of garlic bread so everyone can sop up all that goodness. Click here for the recipe!

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