Everything Under 100 Calories

Everything Under 100 Calories

Looking for a healthy snack or side dish to try today? Why not make it guilt-free as well!  Check out these great recipes that are all less than 100 calories per serving!


  1. Zucchini Noodles
    This one is my personal favorite. It’s a great alternative to a pasta side dish and will leave your body feeling good once you’re finished. And it’s so simple and quick to make with only three ingredients!

  2. Spinach Pies
    A Mediterranean favorite, this spinach pie will be a delicious twist on your traditional sautéed spinach side or snack!

  3. Baked Chicken Strips
    You won’t even notice they’re baked instead of fried, except for the lack of dripping grease. These are a great healthier alternative to fried chicken that your whole family will enjoy – men and children included!

  4. Egg Drop Soup with Vegetables
    Try this recipe for a twist on traditional Chinese egg drop soup. The addition of the veggies gives it a stockier texture and leaves you feeling full after your serving.

  5. Green Beans
    When I am looking for a healthy side dish, my go-to is this green bean recipe. I sometimes switch it up a bit by adding bits of crumbled turkey bacon, because let’s face it everything is better with bacon!

  6. Cauliflower with Ginger
    Again I am faced with the “tasteless wonder” formally known as cauliflower. My only solution was to slather on the cheddar making my “healthy” veggie side into a cheesy mac-esc delight. No longer is this veggie my archenemy, however, after I tried this recipe that uses the subtle/sweet yet punchy flavor of ginger to jazz things up a bit.

  7. Cabbage Soup
    No cabbage is not only for Saint Patrick’s Day. This soup recipe will tantalize your taste buds with a new way to enjoy your favorite leafy green.

All of these recipes are great healthy snack or side dish ideas at just under 100 calories per serving.

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