Bacon-Wrapped Brie With Raspberry Compote

Bacon-Wrapped Brie With Raspberry Compote

In the Nicholas Sparks novel, Safe Haven the main character woos her love interest by making him Bacon-Wrapped Brie with Raspberry Compote. If that is not the key to a man’s heart, we don’t know what it is. 

Whether you are looking to make a move, treat your sweetie or want a fun appetizer to impress your friends with, this recipe is for you. You will look like a pro in the kitchen and have a great dish to share with others. 

 Bacon-Wrapped Brie with Raspberry Compote


1 box puff pastry cups

1 Lg. egg

1 18-oz. wheel of brie

3 bacon slices

1 C. raspberries, mashed

½ C. sugar

1 Tbs. lemon juice

Get the directions to the Bacon-Wrapped Brie with Raspberry Compote here:

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