Sandra Calixte

10 Yoga Poses That Ease Depression

Many people suffer from the depression and anxiety on a daily...
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10 Fattening Holiday Dishes To Avoid

The holidays are here, so that means a table full of delicious, homemade food. It can be difficult to stick to your di...
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10 Reasons to Lose 10 Pounds Before Thanksgiving

We are all guilty of only losing pounds for certain occasions. If you’re like me, you made a goal to lose a certain ...
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Simple Hairstyles For A Glamorous Valentine's Day Look

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly, and we want to make sure you look your best for that special someone! Let's as...
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Looks We Love For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching much quicker than we would like it to, it's time to buckle our seat belts and race fo...
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Souping: The 411 On The New Diet Trend

The next diet craze is here, and we are trying to determine if it is here to stay. What is it? Souping. It sounds like...
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How To Get Fit At Your Own Pace

Keeping a consistent workout plan is difficult, but can be learn...
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7 Beauty Uses For Cinnamon

Beauty is a topic that women have become more and more obsessed with. We all want read more