Four Fun Fall Makeup Trends

Individuality never goes out of style. And whether you like the no-makeup makeup look or daring tones and strokes that accentuate your features, it’s your confidence that will make you stand out! Here are four, fun fall makeup trends you can wear day and night. 

Dewy and Glowy

You can achieve this look without it feeling and looking greasy, easy peasy! First, prep your skin with a matte primer; choose a product that prevents shine and oil. The next layer is a brightening/illuminating, light foundation; apply with a damp beauty sponge. For dark spots or blemishes that need covering up, use a cream concealer. For that natural glow, choose a peach or coral cream-based blush; apply lightly and only to the apples of your cheeks and blend well. Then lightly dust your face with an illuminating setting powder. Use one that has a slight shimmer to achieve a naturally luminous effect. Finish off the look with a glossy lip stain. 

Natural Bronzed Goddess

This is a bit similar to the dewy and glowy look, but with a bit more color. Apply a hydrating primer, and follow with a light or medium coverage liquid foundation with a dewy effect. Next is the bronzing. Use a light brown contouring stick below your cheekbones, and follow up with a matte and shimmery golden bronzer on your cheekbones. Next, apply a shimmery peach or coral blush to your cheekbones and blend well with the bronzer; blend diagonally upward and toward your hairline. Use brown eyeshadows and a nude lipstick or gloss to complement the whole look.

Smoldering Eyes in Browns

This effortlessly sexy classic look pairs well with both the dewy and bronzed goddess looks, or with a natural no-makeup makeup look. First, apply a light ivory shade to the inner corners and along the brow bone. Then apply a soft brown shade over the crease and below the ivory on the brow bone. Make sure it doesn’t blend with the ivory color. Use a darker brown shade and apply heavily to the outer corners, including below your lower lash line. Blend well with the soft brown. Use a dark brown liner on the inner rims of your eyes and above the lash line. As a finishing touch, apply several coats of mascara. 

Bold Monochrome

This look uses the same color in varying shades for the eyes, cheeks, and lips for a pulled-together effect. You can also skip the blush and just highlight your eyes and lips. 

You can be daring with bold hues, or go soft with natural tones. Gone are the days when you have to choose whether to highlight just your eyes or lips! And makeup brands have jumped on the bandwagon and released monochrome collections for the shade-perfect monochrome effect. 

Try these makeup trends to confidently express your unique personality. And wear your look proudly.