15 Must-Have Summer Makeup Tricks For Every Woman

15 Must-Have Summer Makeup Tricks For Every Woman

When the heat picks up, you need to take some extra precautions for your makeup. We’ve collected the best makeup secrets to make you look, and feel cool. They range from ways to make your lips look plumper, how to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes and the one piece of makeup every girl needs this summer.

1. Sizzling Summer Trends – Keep things sizzling this summer with the hottest makeup looks that will boost your confidence and help you turn heads. Make sure to take a look at the rest of this tip for the 5 hottest trends this season.

2. Light Summer Lips – Keep your lips on the light side this summer. Avoid any dark shades that can make you look washed out. If you are looking for a dramatic look, try a shade of red. Click here for the top summer lip color!

3. Ice Cubing Your Face – Before applying any makeup on your face during the summer, make sure you have an ice cube. Apply it on your face and voila! Your skin wont look as oil. Read the rest of this tip here, and see exactly how the ice helps your skin and makeup!

4. Travel Without Wearing Eye Makeup – When you’re taking a trip by plane, you should be advised to cut out the heavy eye shadow. Especially if you plan to snooze for a little, eye make-up is a no-no. Check out the rest of this summer makeup tip here!

5. The Special Trick for Fuller Lips – If you want your lips to look fuller, don’t even consider plastic surgery. There’s an easier and safer alternative. Read about this extra special ingredient here.

6. The Right Light for Putting on Makeup – If you put your makeup on in a room lit by a lamp or overhead light, you could end up applying your makeup too heavily or too lightly. Colors can also appear differently in artificial light. Read more here and find out what the best light is when you’re putting on your makeup.

7. Bronzed Face, Shiny Lips – Already tan or bronzed this year? Then avoid the heavy makeup. A tan means that you can get away with minimal coverage. Read about what kind of makeup you should be wearing here!

8. Get Rid of Those Stubborn Dark Circles – To get rid of dark circles under you eyes, warm the concealer in the palm of your hand before applying under your eyes. Check out how to get the smoothest coverage here.

9. Wash Cloth Your Makeup Off – Even at Fit&FabLiving, we know that not everyone has the energy to remove their makeup after a late night out. But at the very least, you should use a soft washcloth. The best way to use a washcloth to remove your makeup can be found here!

10. Don’t Run! Waterproof Mascara – Even if you don’t normally use waterproof mascara, it’s an essential summer tool. So make sure to carry a tube of waterproof mascara in your purse or beach bag this summer. Find out why this mascara is so important here!

11. Boost Your Bronze – Although it seems like fake tanned skin is always popular, try your best to avoid this trend by staying out of the tanning salon. Click here to find out two better ways to give you that highly-coveted tanned look, without badly damaging your skin.

12. Want Longer, Darker Lashes? – For longer, moister lashes, do not put mascara on. There’s a better way. Click her to read about what product can moisturize your lashes, make them shinier and even keep them from falling out!

13. Add This for Eye Shadow Drama – If you’re looking for a great way to create a darker, more dramatic effect using eye shadow, make sure to check out this quick and easy beauty tip here. It will give you multiple ways to use the same shadow!

14. Contoured Cheek Bones – Want sleek, contoured cheek bones? All you need is the right blush colors and these quick tips! Click here for more!

15. Seasonal Foundation – As the seasons change, so too does your skin coloring. If you spend a lot of time outside during the summer months, make sure to read the rest of this tip and find out if you can keep wearing your winter foundation.