Be Happy, Be Healthy

Having a positive outlook when you’re stressed can make you and your immune system happier. In one study, students were checked at the start of their first semester and again at mid-semester. Researchers found the optimistic students had more helper T-cells (which can amplify immune response) and more powerful natural killer cells at midsemester than did the pessimists. This may be because optimists perceive situations as less stressful, which means they produce fewer immunity-sapping stress hormones.

Try this:
Look on the bright side as much as possible. If you tend toward pessimism, it may take time to modify your mindset, but the results are well worth it.

You’re So Silly
Letting your sillier side show is a good way to get closer to new friends. When a group of strangers in a study were asked to pair up and complete a task with a partner, the pairs that were given a set of silly rules to comply with while completing the task reported feeling closer to their partner at the end of the assignment.