Staying Happy and Healthy

4 Secrets to Staying Happy and Healthy

Health and happiness have much more in common than the fact that both words begin with an “H.” They actually go hand in hand, and once you have one, it becomes even easier to get the other. For example, one study has shown that having a positive outlook when you’re stressed can make you and your immune system happier. Here are four secrets to getting the perfect mix of both H’s.

  1. The Best Medicine of All – It’s true that laughter may be the best medicine. In addition to its emotional lift, studies show that a good laugh provides physical benefits: It aids digestion, alleviates pain, steadies blood pressure and improves mental functions. Plus, most of enjoy laughing and having a good time. Make a list of the things that make you laugh, and try to do one of those things once every couple days. Read the rest of this tip here!

  2. Eat Breakfast – You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that eating breakfast can actually improve you mood and make you feel upbeat. So not only will it keep you happy, but it will get your metabolism revved up and keep your full and healthy. Click here to keep reading.

  3. Get Outside – Seeing the sunlight and feeling the fresh air across your face really does improve your mood. Just a short walk, or even sipping your tea outside, can refresh and energize you when you’re feeling down. You’re also more likely to be active when you’re outdoors, so find just getting 15 minutes of the fresh air during the day goes a long way for your health and happiness.

  4. Social Time – Having a happy social life may be as important to your health as not smoking. People in a study who not only made good physical health decisions, but also worked on maintaining a satisfying social life, were more likely to be completely healthy compared to people who only followed physical health guidelines. Keep your social network strong by picking up the phone this weekend and calling an old friend. Read the rest of this tip here.